Do you own a company? Small or big? The burden of keeping your staff, building, and customers secure is well-known. It’s a recipe for disaster to chase down security concerns as they arise. By following these critical company security tips, you may take a proactive approach to defending yourself against threats.

1.  Use Security Cameras

Interior Camera

If you’re looking for a camera that’s easy to set up and operate than you are on the right website. Allied Security can monitor the security from anywhere using an app on your phone or a web browser with recommended cameras.

The more megapixels a camera sensor has, the more digital zooming you can do while still seeing everything clearly. It zooms in on persons who enter the field of vision automatically and delivers warnings when a face is identified.

It can broadcast in full HD and detect movements everywhere in its 130-degree field of view, even at night, thanks to its infrared night vision.

Exterior Camera

Outdoor home security cameras are among the most effective gadgets available for the purpose. While you’re gone, night vision and a motion sensor are wonderful ways to secure your loved ones and property.

It includes some models that even feature two-way audio, free cloud storage, IR LEDs, Wi-Fi, and face recognition.

Remote Alarm Notification

The notification system is quick and accurate, with animated previews and images that are simple to see even on a wristwatch screen. With its clear User Interface and simple setup, the cameras alert our officers by utilizing thermal imaging, ground radar, infrared, motion detection, and other precise analytics.

In addition, the CCTV security camera push notification informs security officers which camera triggers motion detection, allowing them to swiftly and efficiently pinpoint the source of the problem.

2. Loss Prevention

You are almost certainly involved in loss prevention if you own a warehouse, store, enterprise, or business. Stealing, theft, and other forms of larceny can occur in any business that invites customers into their establishment, whether it is retail or wholesale.

According to studies, businesses lose millions of dollars in inventory each year owing to a lack of skilled loss prevention techniques.

Loss prevention can be done using the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) approach. The first security tool used in EAS is security tags, which are connected to pieces of goods within the store. The second security tool used in EAS is the construction of gate-like structures to guard all entries and exits of the store or warehouse.

The Electronic Article Surveillance system is particularly active in detecting theft because every time a product with a security tag passes through the EAS gates, an alarm is sent out to everyone in the store or warehouse. One of the best EAS installation services in LA is Allied International security. They are best at what they do and they keep the customer’s security and satisfaction as their top priority.

3. Bodyguard Security

Allied Security is the Best Security Company in Los Angeles that specializes in businesses that employ security. Allied Security is committed to ensuring the best security, safety, and high-quality services on a constant basis. By utilizing our extensive training knowledge, skills, and use of contemporary technology and weapons, our highly experienced individuals make the world a safer place.

When needed, our bodyguards are trained to give a presence. Our security guards have all undergone the screening procedure, are highly trained, and are accessible 24/7. Any criminal or improper activity on site will be deterred by our bodyguards.

We are a forward-thinking security firm that recognizes that security is a fundamental requirement and that everyone requires specialized security services.

Allied Security services have a long history of providing bodyguard services. Our clients entrust us with their lives, and we take that responsibility very seriously. The Allied Security team will collaborate closely with you to build a security strategy that puts your safety first.

4. Have an Emergency Plan

It is vital that you have a physical security plan in place and that everyone who works for you understands it, whether you have a few workers or have a staff of several hundred.

If you’re going to hire a monitoring firm, make sure you manage your strategy with your employees and teach your personnel on it. Also, publish it somewhere where your team will be able to easily access it if necessary. Therefore, Allied Security has made it easy for everyone to cope with emergencies.

5. Warehouse Security

Allied security guard services can be used for warehouse security, where main security issues include theft and damage of inventory products, expensive machine components, trespassing, and so on.

Physical Inspections

We at Allied security will also perform frequent supervisions and physical inspections of the employees and any strangers, as well as keep a daily activity report for you to track the issues that occur on the industrial premises.

6. Event Security

Events are important for almost every small and huge business. You also hire a security guard to protect you and your guests from crowds at special occasions such as weddings, political parties, sales events, fashion displays, product launches, and photoshoots.

For such occasions, you can hire armed or unarmed security guards in plain clothing or uniforms, depending on your preferences.

7. On Site Security

For hire in areas like shopping centers, malls, salons, hotels, retirement homes, and so on our security services include providing protection to your staff and your business from any threats, personal assaults, and so on.

Our security guards are all professionals with a respectable public image who provide quality services and are prepared to confront any danger in their line of work while protecting consumers.

You may also design security guard services that is adapted to your needs and are supplied at the most inexpensive prices, ensuring total satisfaction and a safe sense for clients by being accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.