Financial Institution Security Guards

We Provide Unarmed And Armed Security Guard Officers Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Leaders in Safeguarding Financial Institutions

Decades of experience and customer satisfaction have positioned us as a top financial institution safety and security provider. At Allied International Security, Inc, we believe in the importance of staying one step ahead of criminals with our security experts’ continuous training and certification.

Our banking services and business sector knowledge allow us to provide adequate security and customized services for financial facilities such as branch offices, information centers, bank headquarters, trading floors, ATM locations, and lockbox areas.

The Importance of Banking Institution Security

Financial institutions require well-organized, stringent security plans. They will need a strong, streamlined, professional security service to survive.

Banks and other financial institutions handle enormous sums of money. Aside from those, banks have safety deposit boxes and safes where people can safeguard gold, jewelry, and other valuables. Furthermore, massive amounts of money are regularly transferred from branch to branch.

Customers of these institutes also come and go with large sums of cash. Maintaining a financial institution with proper security is possible. All reputable financial institutions have teamed up with highly qualified security providers.

Your financial institution is no different. Stop letting your financial institution be an easy target for potential crimes. Call 213-458-4122 today and speak to a security expert at Allied International Security, Inc.

Security Personnel is Mandatory in Financial Institutions

There is no room for error when protecting workers’ lives and financial assets. At Allied International Security, Inc, we provide integrated financial safety benefits that include the appropriate innovative thinking and security for your bank’s needs.

Our financial institution security programs combine the highest security solutions, which include access control, entry point and exit surveillance, twilight protection, watches, and monitoring.

By providing a physical and visible presence of armed or unarmed security, you can protect your business while reducing risk and safeguarding your and your customers’ assets.

We have decades of experience in security, evaluating, anticipating, and avoiding potential risks, as well as protecting the lives of your employees and customers. It’s time you start feeling safe; call 213-458-4122 and speak to a Allied International Security, Inc security expert today.

Contact Allied International Security, Inc today at (213) 458-4122 or by reaching out to us online. Our team is ready to handle all your security concerns