Automotive Dealership Security Guards

We Provide Unarmed And Armed Security Guard Officers Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Auto Dealer Security Services

At Allied International Security, Inc, we understand the unique challenges and risks of managing security in car dealerships. We offer specialized services to help dealerships protect their inventory, property, and employees.

Our team of experienced security professionals can provide a wide range of services for car dealerships, including access control, surveillance, and asset protection.

We work with auto dealerships to assess their security needs and develop customized plans to address potential threats and vulnerabilities. These plans may involve implementing access control measures, installing high-tech surveillance systems, and utilizing asset protection strategies to safeguard valuable inventory.

Protect Your Car Dealership With The Best

Access control systems, for example, allow businesses to monitor and control access to restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to valuable equipment or inventory and information.

We can also offer 24/7 surveillance to detect potential security breaches after hours. Our security experts are trained and certified and have years of experience dealing with and minimizing security risks and criminal activity.

In addition, our security experts can provide training and support to your dealership employees on security protocols specific to the automotive industry, including data protection protocols, emergency response procedures, and risk management strategies.

Security Experts Are A Phone Call Away

The Allied International Security, Inc team is committed to delivering top security services to businesses operating in car dealerships. If you need security services for your dealership, contact us today to learn more about our customized solutions.

We are passionate about helping businesses create a secure environment for their employees and customers, and we look forward to helping you achieve this goal.

Contact Allied International Security, Inc today at (213) 458-4122 or by reaching out to us online. Our team is ready to handle all your security concerns