Medical Facility Security Guards

We Provide Unarmed And Armed Security Guard Officers Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Security Services Are Essential In Hospitals And Medical Facilities.

A distinctive strategy is needed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, visitors, employees, and healthcare professionals. From the highly charged atmosphere of crisis care facilities to delicate escalated care units, at Allied International Security, Inc, we are skilled in every area of specialized security for hospitals and medical facilities.

Hospitals are also susceptible locations due to many patients suffering from various diseases. Maintaining a hospital’s safety is crucial, and our security experts are licensed and trained to protect your medical facility from any possible threat. Don’t Let Your Hospital Be An Easy Target

Security experts classify hospitals as “easy targets” because they typically have many access points and few security guards or policies.

In large medical centers, many people come and go throughout the day. Patients are at their most vulnerable when they are ill and admitted to a hospital, and there are real risks of violence, theft, and many other crimes in a hospital setting. However, with our experienced team of security experts, crimes within your hospital can be a thing of the past.

Additionally, patients may experience unneeded stress due to other disturbances like uninvited or intoxicated visitors. Hospitals must safeguard a significant amount of personal data, and a security plan should be in place to protect this sensitive data.

Reducing Risk At Hospitals And Medical Facilities With Security Services

The “strengthening up” of hospital soft targets is the responsibility of healthcare security professionals. A risk assessment is the first step in creating a comprehensive hospital security plan. Allied International Security, Inc security experts physically inspect the facilities and look for vulnerable areas, such as hallways, entrances, and other access points. They might also investigate issues, such as possible logistical problems with the delivery of medical equipment or supplies.

Our hospital security experts will implement the needed healthcare security standards after completing a risk assessment to increase the overall security of the building and everyone inside. Frequently, hospital security consists of the following:

  • Security Guards
  • Professional Security Camara System
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Logistics Security

Why Hospital And Medical Facility Security Is Important

Hospital facilities are typically sprawling campuses that occasionally include numerous buildings and adjacent spaces, such as parking lots. There are frequently several points of entry and a constant flow of busy activity entering and exiting the facilities; this is considered in a thorough healthcare security plan that completely safeguards hospital staff, patients, and visitors.

Having guards at entryways and physical access points are only two aspects of safety and security in the healthcare industry. Hospital campuses require a variety of special security measures. Pharmacy, operating room, and intensive care unit (ICU) are just a few of a hospital’s areas with particular uses and security requirements.

Extra safety precautions, such as using fingerprint technologies that utilize fingerprints, face detection, and other human identifiers, may be required for these susceptible and restricted areas to increase safety; these measures may limit access to particular hospital areas.

In addition, hospitals place a high priority on the security of sensitive data; this includes safeguarding patient identification information and health data. For instance, it would be simple to identify homes that might be empty due to a patient’s long-term hospital stay, which may lead to a home burglary.

Make Your Hospital Safe

All people receiving medical care at your healthcare facility have the right to feel safe and secure; call 213-458-4122 and let one of our security experts help you bring your medical facility security up to par.

It is our priority to make your hospital safe but also to help you provide a secure workplace for the doctors, nurses, and other staff members in your medical facility.

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