Community Facility Security Guards

We Provide Unarmed And Armed Security Guard Officers Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Peace of Mind for Houses of Worship

Allied International Security, Inc believes everyone is entitled to have peace of mind and feel safe while attending events in their community facilities or house of worship; this is why we are proud to offer excellent security services for community facilities and places of worship.

We will closely examine your concerns to implement the most effective security and safety program tailored for your community facility or place of worship. Allied International Security, Inc goes far beyond offering you armed or unarmed security guards.

Our security experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills to patrol properties on foot or in vehicles, control common and vital access points, and monitor surveillance equipment.

Your peace of mind and safety is our priority. People attending worship services should not be concerned about their safety; our security experts are ready to ensure the safety of your attendees, whether you are in a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, or community facility.

Houses of worship should be safe from criminal activity, but this often requires the presence of round-the-clock security. Unfortunately, criminals don’t regard religious facilities as sacred or peaceful spaces.

Keep Your People and Property Safe with Security Services

Public or community-shared spaces include libraries, parks, galleries, community centers, and even emergency clinics, just to name a few. Although these facilities play an essential role in our communities by providing free services and resources, they often fall victim to criminal activity precisely because they are accessible to the entire population.

As a result, ensuring the safety of these properties is as important as ensuring the residents’ well-being. Nonetheless, keeping your people and property safe using premier security services by Allied International Security, Inc is vital.

What Makes Us Different

At Allied International Security, Inc, we pride ourselves on offering security solutions 100% tailored to your needs. No matter the industry, size, location, or type of security you need, with our certified, licensed security guards, you can rest assured that your safety and security are in good hands.

Call 213-458-4122 and speak to one of our security experts today. We will happily provide an evaluation to determine the adequate security plan for your facility.

Contact Allied International Security, Inc today at (213) 458-4122 or by reaching out to us online. Our team is ready to handle all your security concerns