In recent years, protests have become a notable concern for businesses, particularly those with storefronts. While your business may not be the focus of these events, being in the vicinity means being prepared is crucial. With Allied International Security, you can learn how to shield your business effectively during these unpredictable times. Keep reading to learn more about protecting your business and how Allied International Security can help.

The Need for Enhanced Security Amidst Protests

Despite most protests being peaceful, the unpredictability of such events necessitates a robust security strategy. It’s always better to have security measures in place and not need them, rather than be caught off guard.

That is why having basic security protocols is essential, not just for protests but for any emergency. Here’s how you can maintain preparedness:

  • Develop a Solid Plan: Craft an evacuation and lockdown plan, ensuring your team is well-versed in these procedures through annual drills.
  • Equip for Lockdown: Assemble emergency kits with necessities like food, water, and flashlights for use during lockdown situations.
  • Keep Accurate Records: Maintain a current list of all building occupants, including employees, tenants, and contractors, to manage access during emergencies effectively.
  • Collaborate with Law Enforcement: Build relationships with local law enforcement and involve them in practice drills to improve your response strategies.
  • Hire Trained Security Guards: Enlist trained security guards to maintain an active presence on site around the clock to protect your business and its occupants year round.

By taking the steps above, you can boost your business security and ensure that your employees are ready for any incident that might occur.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Asset Protection During Demonstrations

The safety of your team and the security of your assets are paramount. Here are some measures to consider implementing should protests erupt or be expected:

  • Seek Shelter
  • Stay Informed
  • Limit Occupancy
  • Choose Safety Over Confrontation
  • Report to Police
  • Maintain Communication

Proactive Preparedness – The Key to Mitigating Risks

At Allied International Security, we specialize in equipping your business to handle every possible scenario, be it a scheduled protest or an unexpected gathering. Our comprehensive security solutions including trained security guards are designed to deter threats and maintain a secure environment.

Partner with Allied International Security for Peace of Mind

Don’t let the anxiety of protest-related risks disrupt your peace. Take the initiative to strengthen your business by partnering with Allied International Security. Contact us at 213-458-4122 to consult with our security experts and create a customized security plan tailored to your specific needs.

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